Coming from a diverse background of musicality, I indulged in it instantly. I can remember like yesterday as my mom would vacuum the floor with her 80's R&B oozing from the speaker into my ear. She would love to play Anita Baker and Angela Bofill and then she'd switch it up and play Dr.Dre Chronic and a lil 90's Mary J Blige. My Jamaican father would cook chicken with rice and peas while listening to A LOT of cultural reggae, dancehall and that good east coast hip hop.The styles and songs I heard resonated through me.I was young but I felt so alive and free. Music made my imagination so colorful and vivid. Those songs were he soundtrack to my childhood. It was an amazing feeling to have those two different worlds in my life.

Flash forward to " Ameeraca": Ameeraca translates those vibes through the music. Ameeraca is a place of individuality, what ever makes you you. Even though Im touching several topics in the material, each and every song is upbeat and lively. I wanted to have a BLAST recording it and a freakin' MOVIE performing it. Ameeraca will be released this spring. My goal is to have each and everyone of you to take a trip to Ameeraca. Who knows, this Ameeraca vacation could turn into permanent trip :)

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