The Artist

At the tender age of 23 Ameera’s singer/songwriter skills are on display with an unquestioned ability to grab listeners. First with a voice that’s mellifluous with a resonant quality that allows for transcendent studio sound and a live performance showing dimensions to marvel at. Ameera looks to breakground leaning on her new project still untitled with the first single being ANTIDOTE. The EDM style club jam aided by an immediate twist from the songwriting aspect further shows her unique gifts in all facets of artistry. Ameera aspires to be internationally recognized as well as garnering state side notoriety.

The Essence

A true Leo in every sense (Born August 20) Ameera never meets a stranger, believing the definition of extravert will one day reference her. Ameera finds it to be conducive of being raised in music rich, Cincinnati (Ohio) where being eight years old meant Ameera would be thrust into a harmonic gospel group Vessels of Praise. At the helm was Ricky Dillard (award winning and Grammy nominated artist) whom Ameera learned from vicariously. Looking to amass versatility in musical theatre at the age of fourteen, Ameera’s hard work paid off by securing the role of Dorothy in the well-known classic “The WIZ”, at one point during her solo performance the audience was brought to tears showing the wherewithal to control a crowd while delivering a rendition of “Be a Lion”.

The Journey

Although Ameera was born in the states, she’s also of Jamaican decent. This allowed for travel to and from both essential places of origin ultimately enabling her to find comfort in touring. Ameera was featured on the Monster Ball tour with Lady Gaga singing background soprano vocals. During the 8 month period, Ameera traveled to countries such as Scotland, New Zealand, Sydney, United Kingdom, Osaka and many other exciting cities. Ameera also shared her talent on shows such as "The Today Show" and " The Johnathon Ross show" while gracing sold out audiences alongside Lady Gaga at the O2 Arena and Madison Square Garden.This would prove to be of importance for Ameera, following her partnership with Jimmy Maslon (Owner/Manager of Ahi Nama Records) where she recorded “Bop Doo Day” a New Jump Blues album. Ameera was able to go on her own abroad in 2012 to headline 4 months at the famous Brown Sugar club located in Shanghai, China. Along Ameera’s career, she has received words of wisdom and encouragement from the likes of Patti Austin, Bobbi Wilsyn, and Antonio Fargas. Ameera sites her time spent at Columbia College of Chicago to being an artist that can tackle a wide range of genres with success. When asked how she has an uncanny ability to compliment different styles of music she simply answers, “Every genre lives within”!