Every genre lives within!

I want to wish my friends, family and especially my faitfhul followers #AMEERACANS a Happy New Year! 2014 was a very meaningful year for me. More than anything, I've learned so much about myself. In life, we all experience periods when we need tranquility and stillness to simply learn who we are. With all the beautiful people I've met and all the many experiences I've had this year,I'm blessed to say that I am as strong as ever and ready to conquer the world!

First things first, AMEERACA will be released in 2015!!! Yay!!! This EP means sooo much to me. I've spent much of 2014 writing the songs based on my own experiences and my life. I cannot wait to let #AMEERACANS hear it! AMEERACA is not a movement and it's not a person. AMEERACA is the exhilarating hiding place deep inside yourself where you can be as honest and free as you want. There's no barriers,no labels, no doubts and no fears.In AMEERACA,you can truly be the soul that you are without interuption from the outside world.

I pray that this year is thee year that you use every great feature about yourself to positively influence your world; your AMEERACA. Let your light shine and never dim it for anything or anyone. And remember, EVERY GENRE LIVES WITHIN!